10 Things You Should Always Do To Save Fuel

10 Things You Should Always Do To Save Fuel

Surefire Tricks For Fuel Saving You Should Know

Whenever we decide to buy a car the first question that pops in our head is the mileage or fuel efficiency of the car. Fuel-efficiency is a problem that every driver is dealing, especially when the gas price increases every day. So, let’s try to understand some simple techniques when implemented by us will help us save fuel.

1. Accelerate smoothly
One of the best ways to save fuel is to keep a steady speed limit; research has recommended speed of 50kmph in the highest gear. If a little patience is added while driving then it will certain save a lot of fuel.

2. Accelerator push
You must avoid pushing of the accelerator down a long way to avoid the change of gear then you are actually using more fuel. In such cases, an automatic car does a better job.

3. Air Conditioning
Turning off the air conditioner while driving is advisable as it consumes less fuel. You must avoid usage of air – con for a long duration and move around with open windows.

4. Tyre pressure
If there is less pressure in your tyre then your vehicle needs more fuel to pull on. it is recommended that one should get the pressure of the tyres to check once every two weeks. You can also install the pressure monitoring system for a hassle free check-up and the device will update you whenever your can has pressure issues.

5. Unnecessary weight
If you have unnecessary weight loaded in the car then it will pull more fuel. So avoid cluttering your vehicle with unwanted objects.

6. Service
The quality of the engine oil affects fuel consumption. Ensure that your car is serviced properly with genuine goof quality engine oil. Change the oil in the car according to the vehicle requirements to save fuel.

7. Roof rack
If you have installed a roof rack and there not much usage of the same then you must think of removing it. Most of the time roof rack increases the drag and leads to more fuel consumption.

8. Keep Air Filter Clean
It is important for car owners to check air filter condition regularly, since a broken air filter will consume 10% more energy. In order to check this car part, drivers can examine it after washing it carefully. If the sunlight can go through the air filter, drivers should change to a new one.
If the filter gets congestion regularly, it is also suggested to replace a new air filter to make sure the air purification is clear and fuel is saved.

9. Use Cruise Control
Cruise Control is an automatic speed control system designed for safety and maximize fuel efficiency. For example, when driving 112 km/h on the freeway, the system will calculate and adjust car parts to maintain the speed.
Adaptive Cruise is another method for fuel saving. The system will automatically keep your car at the right distance with in front and behind vehicles using radar.

10. Fuel and Pumping
Always keep an eye on the fuel type which your car going to use, since it not only saves the energy but also save your vehicle engines.
Fuel pumping is an important technique and sometimes, a small trick can help drivers to pump more fuel. The right time to pump fuel is in early morning or late afternoon, since the fuel will be thicker than normal. It is essential not to pump too full to avoid leaking gas.

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