Rent a car in Dubai for AED 39.9/Day for a Month with Finalrentals

April 21st 2021 in Car Rentals
Rent a car in Dubai for AED 39.9/Day for a Month with Finalrentals

Rent a car in Dubai is no longer an option for the populace of Dubai, it's a solution.

Why? You can read about our analyses in detail here.

In a nutshell, more people are contacting car rental companies in Dubai. Keeping that in perspective, we shall safely assume that there are three categories, the age-old customer, the relevantly experienced one, and the new ones. The new ones are in need of the relevant information more than the rest of their service-sharing fellows.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the basic information that relates to how much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai, is it worth renting a car in Dubai, and is it cheap to rent a car in Dubai?.

Rent a Car in Dubai: AED 39.9 =1197.00 Per Month!

Usually, Rent a car in Dubai can cost around from AED 30 to AED 40 per day. Now, AED 1197.00 per month is the rate for Mitsubishi Attrage that you can get with Finalrentals. This AED 1197.00 translates into AED 39.9 per day.

Mitsubishi Attrage for monthly car rental Dubai is a real value for space for a family of 4-5 people. It offers 2 luggage spaces with 5 seating capacity, automatic transmission, and air conditioning.

These are the primary features that a family needs to travel in and out of the town as well. However, when you rent a car in Dubai, you need to certain driving laws as well. For example, The legal driving age is 18, however, you need to be 21 when it comes to Car Hire Dubai.

Now, the question is, is it worth renting a car in Dubai at all? And the answer is yes! There are a couple of reasons why. Some of the reasons are permanent. When you are planning a trip, you need a cheap car rental Dubai to help you out. First of all, it is able to save wear and tear on the vehicle you own.

This way, you are able to save mileage driven count and therefore depreciation cost as well. These are some of the long-term advantages of rent a car in Dubai. However, as for now, the current economic situation of Dubai itself suggests people go for a car lease Dubai or monthly car rental Dubai. As for the lease, you can get it for more than at least a year. While on the other hand, 12 months is the maximum time limit for monthly car rentals Dubai.

Is it Cheap to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Now lastly, is it cheap to rent a car in Dubai? Yes, the long-term car rental in Dubai costs you roughly anywhere from AED 900 to AED 1197. And these are the prices for monthly car rental in Dubai per month.

And it is important to mention the time factor when we are talking about price. Look, the longer you rent, the lesser you pay. This is exactly why a long-term car lease in Dubai is cheaper than rent a car in Dubai monthly. Dubai car rental price also depends on factors other than time.

Believe it or not, it depends on the location too, but this exclusively applies to the airport. Car rental Dubai airport is expensive than other locations. Now, apart from locations, it depends on the add-ons as well. If you rent a car with a Driver in Dubai, you will be charged more.

And remember, there is one issue of adding your spouse as a driver when renting a car in Dubai. You need to check that with your company. There may be some companies that do identify your spouse as an additional driver and there may be otherwise as well. You need to check that with the rental company that you are interacting with.


Rent a car in Dubai costs you roughly from AED 900 to AED 1197 per month. However, there is a rule of thumb that you need to remember: The longer you rent, the lesser you pay.

This is the reason why monthly car hire Dubai is cheaper than the weekly ones, and weekly car rental Dubai is cheaper than the daily ones.

Car Hire Dubai services are getting popular with people as more people have inclined towards the services now than in the past.

Here's a blog post to help you out why renting is it worth hiring a car on rent?. And lastly, add-ons, time, location, and company policies are some of the factors that contribute to the overall cost of the rental car.

If you want to hire a car for rent, you can visit our Monthly Car Rentals page now!

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