Covid-19 and Rental Cars: Safety During The Coronavirus

Covid-19 and Rental Cars: Safety During The Coronavirus

The time seems difficult because we have not practiced for such circumstances. However, with the passage of time, we are learning as the world around us continues to rotate and the world within starts to move again, slowly but surely.

Such is the case with some rental companies who understand the value and realise the outbreak, and now take all the necessary safety measures and more to continue delivering the safe drives. Such people are important around us, we shall understand as we see how they manage to continue in tough times.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Safe Rental Car Companies:

Among these safe car rental companies, one of them is Thrifty Car Rental who manages to handle the situation with such effectiveness that 80% of their employees who are still part of the business are now working from home, continuing to put their minds into the business as 20% on-site, at the field continue to put in the physical efforts with care and with safety matters intact.

As for where these cars are parked, which is their main vehicle hub, it is sanitized by the companies which are approved and verified by the municipality. All the cars are sanitized before being provided to new customers. These hubs are open for short hours only which adds to the safety performance of the company.

Here is Thrifty Car Company’s Toll-Free Hotline 24/7 to further guide you.

800-4770 (Dubai and Northern Emirates),

or 800-701 (Abu Dhabi)

Dollar Car Rental has a different, more aggressive approach towards cleanliness where daily audits are made compulsory and 100% of the counters are sanitized as per the guidelines of the Department of Economic Development. To check this progress, a weekly audit is done.

Moving the Car Rental Safety during the Covid-19 further, the overall car wash is performed (which is necessary) but further progress is made when the minute details are brought into focus, such as Console and Cupholders. All the places and things that have a higher chance of human touch include Doors, handles, compartments, Shelves, and Dashboards.

Taking the encouragement to fight this pandemic further, stickers of no-smoking are placed in all of the cars, bringing fumigation machines into the play as well which further guarantees that the car is as germ-free and new as possible for the incoming customer.

For getting Customer Support or you can also call: 1 (800) 800-5252. This is if you want to ask about guidelines and further safety steps taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ask Fast Rent A Car about the safety measures they are taking against Coronavirus. Here are some ways to get in contact with them:

T: 600-500-101

Phone: +971 2 815 2700


Fast Rent A Car also ensures basic safety measures in their service provision where the car and the seats are sanitized and washed. The guidelines provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED) whereas are strictly implemented as we all know that Dubai is not the place to break the rules. If you have any suggestions or opinions, just simply want to write to them on their contact page.


Covid-19 has challenged the norms of business activities and daily lives. It used to be different back in the day which is why everything was easy to be carried forward. It has created an unusual environment that we are not used to now, but as we adapt with time, the difficulty will be removed as it prevails due to inadaptation.

The world we live in continues to rotate and we shall continue to move forward, with new ways, with the right actions, and with hope.

Stay Safe!