How to rent a car in Dubai at cheap prices with Finalrentals

January 13th 2021 in Car Rentals

Everyone wants to Rent a car in Dubai Cheap, not many of them know how to. Be different and be aware, know how to. Following these steps is going to take some time. However, it's better to make an informed decision rather than deciding on intuition and gut feeling.

To rent a car in Dubai cheap, you need to identify certain factors. Those factors include the number of passengers, the time durations, the use/purpose of hiring a car, and your financial limits. Analyzing all of these factors can help you choose a car within your budget.

Rent a car in Dubai Cheap.

You can rent a car in Dubai Cheap Price by identifying your budget. However, some factors come before "budget". What we have to do is, identify them, and choose affordable services accordingly.

The number of passengers:

This factor determines one of the most important features in a car, "Space". The more spacious the car is, the more expensive it is.

The time duration:

There's one simple formula to remember. The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. This means that weekly rentals are more expensive than monthly ones.


This factor can shift the whole paradigm of opting to rent a car in Dubai cheap. Nissan Pathfinder & Hyundai Elantra. These two cars can carry 2 luggage space, 5 passengers, and has 4 doors. But, if you're renting a car for a business purpose then Hyundai Elantra will be an appropriate choice which comes at 2178.00 AED / month. It is lesser expensive than Pathfinder which comes at 3699.00 AED / month.


This is one of the confusing topics to learn about for most. Rightly so because the rental community shares different opinions on this matter. Some say that it's a must while others say it's a waste. To rent a car in Dubai cheap price, be clear on the insurance subject.

In this contrast of opinions, you need to decide what's right.

One of the appropriate ways to deal with this issue is, call your insurance agent. Ask them whether your current insurance applies to the rental car. Can it cover the losses you bear in any case of damage or a loss?

A. If your current insurance can cover the loss, then you're good to go.

B. IF your current insurance can't cover the loss with your rental car, then it's better to follow the following steps:

1. Ask your insurance agent how to get covered? Remember the answer.

2. Ask the rental company for their advice on how to get insured?

3. Check the local listening. Check out reviews and experiences of people to know real hacks, tips, and tricks and learn from their mistakes.

4. Process all the information and make an informed decision.


Draw a line that you cannot cross. This line is your financial limit. You can rent a car in Dubai cheap within this limit. Considering that, you need to look at different cars that are budget-friendly. Then among those cars, see the ones that can deliver your value.

Answering your Questions about Rent a car in Dubai Cheap:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?

990.00 AED is the lowest price on monthly rent a car in Dubai with finalrentals. Whereas 13233.00 AED / per month is the highest price on finalrentals if you monthly rent a car in Dubai.

Is it worth hiring a car in Dubai?

Yes. As a traveler, public transport is not feasible for you. As a native, you may opt for public transport but a more flexible answer to your problems may be hiring a car in Dubai.

How much is the cheapest car in Dubai?

990.00 AED for Kia Picanto or Similar is the lowest price on monthly rent a car in Dubai with finalrentals.


You can rent a car in Dubai cheap. All you need to do is make an informed decision. Identify your financial limits, vehicle needs, filter out cars, choose one, and verify the insurance options to select a car within your budget. Keep in mind, this post is one of the many ways of how to rent a car in Dubai cheap. It is neither the last nor the least.

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