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Rent a Car in Aweer with Finalrentals from Shift Car Rental @ Ras al Khor Aweer, inside Nissan Service Centre.

Hire Car in Aweer - About Al Aweer:

Al Aweer is a known area for shopping for fruits and vegetables. However, it lies on the outskirts of Dubai and this fact makes renting a residence and commercial studios possible at cheaper rates.

However, Al Aweer is situated next to Emirates Road, which is a major road.

Al Aweer is a known place for its big Vegetable and Fruit collection for sale. However, the prices offered here are not much different than you can find in the supermarkets available throughout Dubai.

Despite the fact, you can still get fruits and vegetables at a cheaper rate only if you buy a bulk amount. Al Aweer is located on the outskirts of Dubai which makes it a perfect place for renting at a low budget.

Its location is exactly why the place is able to offer low rents for residence and commercial studios.

Al Aweer Features:

1. Fresh fruits and vegetable market. The rates are not much different. Expect a bargain in buying bulk quantity.
2. Located on the outskirts of Dubai.
3. Residence on lower rents.
4. Situated next to the road "The Emirates Road".
❗Remember before looking for places: Al Aweer is located on the outskirts. There are no malls in the area. However, there are shops with items that satisfy basic needs.❗

Places in Al Aweer:

1. Mosques.
2. Churches and Temples nearby.
3. Primary & Elementary (in the area) and Higher (nearby) education institutions in and nearby.
4. Health Institutions. (Clinic and a PSychiatry hospital).
5. Shops with basic items of need.
6. Vegetable and Fruit Supermarket.
7. Restaurants.
8. Beaches nearby.

How to Rent a Car in Al Aweer?

Let us tell you a fast way to rent a car in Al Aweer.

There is a bar above this section that follows you almost on every page that you visit on our website.

The job of this bar is to make renting a car easy for you, in a matter of a few clicks and touches.

Just fill in the required specifics and hit the Search button after which you will be shown the car collection shortly.

That is a good place to start.

However, if you want to make it even handier, then you can download the Finalrentals Application.

Scroll down the collection and just when you find the one you have been looking for or the one you love, be sure to tell us the same by hitting the Book Now button!

What Documents are Required to Car Rental in Al Aweer?

For UAE Nationals and Residents
UAE Driving License & Emirates ID
Copy of Residence Visa
Passport Copy
Valid Credit Card (for the security deposit).

And if you are a tourist looking to rent a car in Al Aweer, then you will need the following documents:
Tourists and Foreign Visitors
Original Passport and Copy
Tourist Visa Copy
International Driving License
License Issued from Home Country
Valid Credit Card (for security deposit)

Hire Monthly Car Rentals and Weekly Car Rentals in Al Aweer. Go through the available car options from different suppliers at different prices.

Lastly, if you want all those cars in the palm of your hand, then download the finalrentals Android Application or Finalrentals App on the Apple store now.

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