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Rent A Car in Oasis Centre - Oasis Centre Overview:

Rent a Car in Oasis Centre. Oasis Centre is a mall that offers a large variety of brands. The variety of brands also include those that are known in the international fast food industry. This is why and how the Oasis Centre is a place that offers a variety of food options in its food court. Moreover, there is a children's play area that can keep your child's restlessness in practice with fun.

Besides, the Oasis Centre solves one of the most basic problems that people face when visiting the mall. That problem is with parking. By offering a free parking facility with Valet, Oasis Centre finds a functional solution to the legit problem of its guests. Last but not least, the mall also offers various tertiary options to its visitors which includes the following:

‚óŹ     The clinic, Pharmacy, Coffee and Clothing Shops, and even a Furniture Store.


1.      Variety of Brands.

2.    Large food court.

3.    Play area for children.

4.    Free Parking and Valet.

5.    Offers Clinic, Pharmacy, Coffee and Clothing Shops, and even a Furniture Store.

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