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Long Term Car Rentals Abu Dhabi

Connecting the rental car companies with rental car customers and bringing in a huge collection of cars, we let you decide the one you want. In spite of letting you jump to 10 different websites to find 1 perfect fit for you, we let you stay on a single page by giving you a multitude of choices.

So, we get it that you want to rent a car in Abu Dhabi. Which one do you want? Are you looking for more economic, pocket-friendly options or more luxurious ones? Are you looking for Sedans or SUVs? Whatever is it that you are looking for, you can find it out on Finalrentals.

There's one thing that you need to do, and that is scroll down. And if you are looking for a specific option, then hold Ctrl and press F to use the find tool in your browser to find out a specific model or brand that you are looking for.

And are you looking for some cancellations? You can easily do them. Just be sure to check out the terms and conditions because those apply when you are up for the cancellation. Rent a car in Abu Dhabi and Enjoy the customer-friendly experience!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi?

Looking to rent a car in Abu Dhabi? How about Ford Figo for at least AED 1606.50? However, you are not limited to one choice when it comes to Finalrentals. There is a list to go on and select your car from the collection.

Long-term Car Rental Offers in Abu Dhabi and UAE.

If you are ANYWHERE in UAE, you don't need to feel limited here! You are powered across the UAE including rent a car in Abu Dhabi to facilitate your commute and choose from the large car collection.

Connecting you to the top-notch and the rising rental companies is what we do here. All of the cars that you are able to see here are from various rental car companies, from top-list to the rising talent!

Feel free to make your budget-friendly decision and facilitate your commute the way you want.

How to Cancel Your Rental Car in Abu Dhabi?

Just like the weather, your mind can change as well. We understand that, no problem! If you want to cancel your rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you can easily do so and even perhaps for free with us!

Being positioned for customer-centricity is not an easy task, but understanding them is a priority: 

  • This is why you can cancel your reservation with us even while you have the car with you!

  • Now the only difference is that you will be charged on a pro-rata basis, no bucket loaded with fines!

  • Cancel yours for free before 24 hours from your pickup!

Can I Get a Cheap Monthly Car Rental in Abu Dhabi from 40 AED per day?

You are caught just when you are looking for the best long-term car rental offer in UAE. 40 AED per day is what you can avail yourself of with us! Select from the wide variety of cars and choose what satisfies your needs!

Can I Rent a Car Starting From 1606.50 AED per month?

Absolutely Yes! You can rent a car in Abu Dhabi for AED 1616.50 per month. You can hire a Ford Figo on rent in Abu Dhabi for that price per month. This is the cheapest deal at the moment on Finalrentals.

Monthly best Offers

Kia Picanto or similar
AED 2014.74 / per month
AED 1638.00/ per month
Ford Figo or similar
AED 2115.48 / per month
AED 1719.90/ per month
Toyota Yaris Sedan or similar
AED 2130.98 / per month
AED 1732.50/ per month
Mazda 3 or similar
AED 2518.43 / per month
AED 2047.50/ per month
Ford Escort Or Similar
AED 2526.82 / per month
AED 2054.33/ per month
Toyota Corolla or similar
AED 2634.66 / per month
AED 2142.00/ per month
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
AED 2644.35 / per month
AED 2149.88/ per month
Nissan Kicks or similar
AED 3099.60 / per month
AED 2520.00/ per month
Mazda 6 or similar
AED 3370.82 / per month
AED 2740.50/ per month
Ford Fusion Or Similar
AED 3643.32 / per month
AED 2962.05/ per month
Ford Escape or similar
AED 4066.42 / per month
AED 3306.03/ per month
Hyundai Accent or similar
AED 4077.72 / per month
AED 3315.22/ per month
Nissan Sunny or similar
AED 4203.83 / per month
AED 3417.75/ per month
Mazda CX - 5 or similar
AED 4223.21 / per month
AED 3433.50/ per month
Chevrolet Cruze or similar
AED 4538.11 / per month
AED 3689.52/ per month
Nissan Sentra or similar
AED 4678.46 / per month
AED 3803.63/ per month
Ford Taurus Or Similar
AED 4936.11 / per month
AED 4013.10/ per month
Lincoln Mkz Or Similar
AED 5288.69 / per month
AED 4299.75/ per month
Dodge Charger or similar
AED 5346.81 / per month
AED 4347.00/ per month
Dodge Durango or similar
AED 5346.81 / per month
AED 4347.00/ per month
Lincoln Corsair Or Similar
AED 5650.31 / per month
AED 4593.75/ per month
Ford Mustang Or Similar
AED 5650.31 / per month
AED 4593.75/ per month
Kia Carnival or similar
AED 5656.77 / per month
AED 4599.00/ per month
Ford Edge or similar
AED 5917.01 / per month
AED 4810.58/ per month
Ford Explorer or similar
AED 6463.96 / per month
AED 5255.25/ per month
Lincoln Nautilus Or Similar
AED 6463.96 / per month
AED 5255.25/ per month
Volkswagen Golf GTI SEL or Similar
AED 7012.85 / per month
AED 5701.50/ per month
Ford Expedition Or Similar
AED 7639.22 / per month
AED 6210.75/ per month
Nissan Patrol or similar
AED 8291.43 / per month
AED 6741.00/ per month
Audi A6 or similar
AED 8872.61 / per month
AED 7213.50/ per month
Lincoln Aviator Or Similar
AED 9492.53 / per month
AED 7717.50/ per month
Lincoln Navigator Or Similar
AED 10758.20 / per month
AED 8746.50/ per month
Mercedes C200 or similar
AED 13095.81 / per month
AED 10647.00/ per month
BMW 730 i or similar
AED 16350.39 / per month
AED 13293.00/ per month
Maserati Ghibli Or Similar
AED 19979.51 / per month
AED 16243.50/ per month
Range Rover Sport Or Similar
AED 19979.51 / per month
AED 16243.50/ per month

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