Dollar Rent a Car

Terms and Conditions

Dollar Rent A Car Terms & Conditions

Additional Items Daily Weekly Monthly
GPS 36.75 AED 236.25 AED 420 AED
Baby Seat 36.75 AED 210.00 AED 525.00 AED
Additional Driver 21.00 AED 126.00 AED Complimentary
PAI – Personal Accident Insurance
Car Group Daily Weekly Monthly
MDAR to SDAR 10.50 AED 63.00 AED 105.00 AED
All Other Groups 21.00 AED 105.00 AED 263.00 AED
Oman Insurance Rates
SIIP Code 1- 3 days 7 days 7 + days Extra Km Charged
MDAR/MCAR, EDMR/ECMR, EDAR/ECAR, CDAR/CCAR, IDAR/ICAR/, SDAR/SCAR, MFAR 367.50 Dhs/- (with 600 km for 3 days) ( Each Day extra + 78.75 Dhs/- ) 630 Dhs /- ( 250 Km per day ) 78.75 Dhs /- 1.05 AED
MVAR/SFAR/CFAR 472.50 Dhs /- (with 600 km for 3 days) (Each Day extra 105 Dhs/-) 787.50 Dhs /- ( 350 Km per day ) 100 Dhs /- 1.05 AED
XFAR 525 Dhs/- (with 600 km for 3 days) (Each Day extra 157.50 Dhs/-) 892.50 Dhs /- (250 km per day ) 157.5 Dhs /- 1.05 AED
Currency UAE Dirhams (AED)

PAI Not included in the rate. Available at the Counter as per customer request. See charges in the Table above.

Minimum Rental Period One day (24 hours)

Rates Inclusion Value Added Tax (VAT), Third Party Liability Insurance, Unlimited Mileage on Daily & Weekly Rentals, Theft Protection

Insurance Excess This is mandatory and will be charged as below for all cases where hirer is at fault:
• MDAR - SDAR: AED 3150
• FDAR and PDAR: AED 3150
• MVAR to FFAR : AED 3150
• PXAR to CXAR: AED 3150
• XXAR and LXAR: AED 5250
• Police report is mandatory for all accidents and breakdowns.
• No off-road insurance is provided as off-roading is not allowed.
• Full repair charges will be charged to client in the absence of police report.
• Customer will be charged “Loss of Rental” charges in the case of vehicle being impounded by Government Authorities/Police for any reason.
• In the event any such damager and /or accident to the rented car is not supported by a Valid Police Report, then all claims including Third Party claims stand void and the hirer will be responsible to settle all the claims, damages and related costs resulting from such damages to the rented vehicle directly to Dollar Rent A Car.

Rate Exclusions Value Added Tax (VAT) Mileage Restriction Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Petrol, Parking Fines/Fees & Tickets, Any Fine resulting from a Driving or Traffic Violation, Airport surcharges, Toll Fees, Vehicle License Fee, Additional Driver Fee, Oman Insurance, Frequent Flyer Points, and Airport Return Charges.

Included. Dollar Rent A Car reserves the right to add VAT as confirmed and implemented by UAE Government with effect on Jan 2018. This is applicable for all bookings for pick-up from 01 Jan 2018

MDAR, EDMR, EDAR, CDAR, IDAR, SDAR, MVAR, CFAR, SFAR, FFAR: Unlimited Mileage for DAILY and WEEKLY rentals;
MONTHLY rentals: 3000km, AED 0.3675 fils for every extra km.
FDAR, XXAR, PDAR, MFAR, PXAR, XFAR, CXAR, LXAR: Unlimited Mileage for DAILY and WEEKLY rentals;
MONTHLY rentals: 3000km, 0.525 fils for every extra km

Security • If the driver does not have a credit card in his / her name, Dollar reserves the right to refuse car rental to anyone who does not have a credit-card as security with minimum validity of 3 months. Pre authorization on credit card to cover the estimated cost of the rental.
• A pre-authorization is taken from the hirer’s credit card at the time of rental. Pre-authorization amount is between AED 3500 to AED 5500 depending on the vehicle type
• Should there be any non-rental charges like traffic fines, speeding tickets, road tolls etc posted after the customer return the vehicle, these will be charged to the customer’s credit card.
• Cash and Debits Card are not accepted for security Deposit.

Payment Terms Pay on Arrival. Direct Payment by customer to the Dollar Rent A Car counter.

Fuel Policy Monthly Rentals The Hirer should return the vehicle with the same fuel level as given by the Company. If not, the hirer will be charged the cost of fuel plus a service charge.

Advance Monthly hire payment is mandatory. Early car return will automatically cancel the monthly plan and respective weekly or daily charge will apply.

Monthly Mileage Restrictions will apply from 25 days and above

Public Holidays Airport offices are open 24/7

Non Airport Return Airport Return Charges Drop offs at the Non-Airport locations will be free of cost based on the working hours as mentioned on Page 6-7.

Applicable at the Dollar off-hire counter at the Airport. Presently the charge is Dubai Airport Terminal 1- AED 52.50, Dubai Airport Terminal 3-AED 52.50, Sharjah Airport- AED 21.00, and Abu Dhabi Airport- AED 26.25, to be paid by hirer. This charge is subject to change without prior notice.

Driving License qualifications UAE residents require a current UAE License. Visitors should present a valid national and international driving license from their country of origin. Dollar Rent A Car recommends visiting and for time to time updates.

Minimum driver age 22 years

Driving restrictions • Right hand driving is not allowed.
• Vehicles are prohibited to be used for racing, towing other vehicles or any activity that is considered against the UAE laws.
• Vehicles are prohibited to be driven while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Vehicles are prohibited to be used for off – roading- INCLUDING 4WD VEHICLE
• Emergency road services are available – enquire at rental counter for further details

Non coverage • Loss or damage to personal belongings or luggage is not insured
• Customer will be held responsible for any misuse to the vehicle or any part of it.
• In case of accident, excess amount will be charged as per insurance excess details mentioned above.

Breakdown procedure Please try to park the vehicle in safe and secure place. Try to know exactly where you are. Contact our nearest office or Toll Free 800- 4710 (800- DOLLAR). Try to give them details of break down type. A replacement vehicle will be sent. A Service Fee will apply for replacement of the spare tire.

Toll Fees AED 5/- per toll gate crossing

Parking Fees Payable by hirer directly at parking meter

Fines Will be charged to the hirer.

Special Equipment Additional Driver Fee • Child Seats are available on request only and are subject to availability. See charges in the Table above.
• GPS are available on request only and are subject to availability. Cost: See charges in the Table above.

The hirer may put on an extra driver at an additional cost provided that he/she fulfills all necessary requirements. See charges in the Table above.

Driving across border Driving to Oman territory is allowed but the client has to get proper documents from Dollar Rent A Car at extra cost.
Following vehicle groups are NOT allowed to be driven to Oman: FDAR, XXAR, PDAR, PXAR, CXAR and LXAR.

Delivery/Collection charges/One Way Fee • Pick-Up and Drop-Off within the same emirates will be Dhs. 52.50/-
• Pick-Up and Drop-Offs (Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Ajman, Fujairah & Ras Al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain) will be Dhs 630.00/- per one-way drop.

Oman Insurance Vehicle License Fee Not included in the rate. Available at the Counter as per customer request. Note: Limited mileage provided within Oman. See charges in the Table above.

A mandatory fee for all Dubai registered vehicles will be applicable as implemented/mandated by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai AED 5.25/day (1-6 days), AED 31.50/week (7 days), AED 4.49 (8-24 days), AED 3.15/day (25-30 days), AED 2.63/day (31+days)

Oman off hire charges Muscat/Sohar: AED 1050.00; Salalah: AED 1575.00

Chauffer service Not available

Late Return Only 1 hour grace period is allowed. Beyond 1 hour, full-day charges as per the tariff card will be collected directly from the customer.

Black Out Dates Eid Holidays, Shopping Festivals and selected exhibitions are very high peak periods. Free allocation will be subject to availability and confirmation from Dollar Rent A Car during these blackout periods.

No Show/Cancellation Charges • Cancellation charges: Will be waived off for all bookings which are notified with minimum 48 hours in advance.
• No Shows: One day rental will be charged.

Stop Sale Dollar Rent A Car is responsible to give a 24 hour prior notice for Stop Sale requests.

Upgrade Policy If the vehicle is not available in a specific group, the customer will be upgraded to the next vehicle category.