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Wanna Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi on Weekly Basis?

The impression is what you drive.

One of the ways to carry a stronger impression is to carry an elegant car. A car with a futuristic design.

Seeing as Abu Dhabi is no less than elegant itself, a car less than that would find it hard to fit in.

Futuristic design vehicles are an element of the impression which we let you hire on rent. You can hire a car on rent with Finarentals as we connect you to several rental car companies. We facilitate more than 112 locations which means you can hire a car on rent across the UAE. You can choose the time, date, and location of your choice while pre-scheduling. Moreover, you can contact us on Whatsapp and hire a car via Whatsapp.

However, it all begins after you move your sweet presence on to selecting a car.

Weekly best Offers

Ford Figo
Ford Figo or similar
AED 510.07 / per week
AED 414.69/ per week
Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto or similar
AED 515.31 / per week
AED 418.95/ per week
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back or similar
AED 535.92 / per week
AED 435.71/ per week
Nissan Sunny
Nissan Sunny or similar
AED 551.47 / per week
AED 448.35/ per week
Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra or similar
AED 551.47 / per week
AED 448.35/ per week
Hyundai Accent
Hyundai Accent or similar
AED 552.74 / per week
AED 449.38/ per week
Toyota Yaris Sedan
Toyota Yaris Sedan or similar
AED 560.51 / per week
AED 455.70/ per week
Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Aveo or similar
AED 565.12 / per week
AED 459.45/ per week
Opel Corsa Manual
Opel Corsa Manual or similar
AED 579.77 / per week
AED 471.36/ per week
Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark or similar
AED 581.76 / per week
AED 472.97/ per week
Mitsubishi Attrage
Mitsubishi Attrage or similar
AED 612.13 / per week
AED 497.67/ per week
Renault Symbol
Renault Symbol or similar
AED 697.38 / per week
AED 566.98/ per week
Mazda 3
Mazda 3 or similar
AED 699.92 / per week
AED 569.04/ per week
Renault Duster
Renault Duster or similar
AED 721.88 / per week
AED 586.90/ per week
Ford Focus
Ford Focus Or Similar
AED 805.04 / per week
AED 654.50/ per week
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla or similar
AED 768.44 / per week
AED 624.75/ per week
Ford Ecosport
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
AED 823.98 / per week
AED 669.90/ per week
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze or similar
AED 790.86 / per week
AED 642.98/ per week
Renault Fluence
Renault Fluence or similar
AED 813.65 / per week
AED 661.50/ per week
Nissan Sentra
Nissan Sentra or similar
AED 832.45 / per week
AED 676.79/ per week
Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida or similar
AED 852.43 / per week
AED 693.03/ per week
Nissan Altima
Nissan Altima or similar
AED 871.69 / per week
AED 708.69/ per week
Mazda 6
Mazda 6 or similar
AED 876.93 / per week
AED 712.95/ per week
Renault Safrane
Renault Safrane or similar
AED 902.69 / per week
AED 733.90/ per week
Nissan Kicks
Nissan Kicks or similar
AED 923.49 / per week
AED 750.80/ per week
Mitsubishi ASX
Mitsubishi ASX or similar
AED 929.82 / per week
AED 755.95/ per week
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta or similar
AED 956.94 / per week
AED 778.00/ per week
Chevrolet Malibu
Chevrolet Malibu or similar
AED 990.66 / per week
AED 805.41/ per week
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra or similar
AED 999.61 / per week
AED 812.69/ per week
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or similar
AED 999.61 / per week
AED 812.69/ per week
Ford Escort
Ford Escort Or Similar
AED 1089.17 / per week
AED 885.50/ per week
Kia Optima
Kia Optima Or Similar
AED 1042.82 / per week
AED 847.82/ per week
Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai or similar
AED 1046.17 / per week
AED 850.54/ per week
Renault Koleos
Renault Koleos or similar
AED 1234.66 / per week
AED 1003.79/ per week
Mazda CX - 5
Mazda CX - 5 or similar
AED 1238.55 / per week
AED 1006.95/ per week
Kia Sportage
Kia Sportage Or Similar
AED 1254.37 / per week
AED 1019.81/ per week
Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer or similar
AED 1309.52 / per week
AED 1064.65/ per week
Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango or similar
AED 1310.87 / per week
AED 1065.75/ per week
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner or similar
AED 1358.34 / per week
AED 1104.34/ per week
Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger or similar
AED 1377.95 / per week
AED 1120.29/ per week
Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion Or Similar
AED 1515.36 / per week
AED 1232.00/ per week
Nissan X Trail
Nissan X Trail or similar
AED 1511.12 / per week
AED 1228.55/ per week
Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50 or similar
AED 1542.04 / per week
AED 1253.69/ per week
Ford Escape
Ford Escape or similar
AED 1846.85 / per week
AED 1501.50/ per week
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder or similar
AED 1972.82 / per week
AED 1603.92/ per week
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala or similar
AED 1994.79 / per week
AED 1621.78/ per week
Nissan Maxima
Nissan Maxima or similar
AED 2053.46 / per week
AED 1669.48/ per week
Ford Edge
Ford Edge or similar
AED 2273.04 / per week
AED 1848.00/ per week
Lincoln Mkz
Lincoln Mkz Or Similar
AED 2273.04 / per week
AED 1848.00/ per week
Volkswagen Golf GTI SEL
Volkswagen Golf GTI SEL or Similar
AED 2251.08 / per week
AED 1830.15/ per week
Kia Carnival
Kia Carnival or similar
AED 2513.26 / per week
AED 2043.30/ per week
Toyota Previa
Toyota Previa or similar
AED 2559.73 / per week
AED 2081.08/ per week
Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol or similar
AED 2865.84 / per week
AED 2329.95/ per week
Lincoln Nautilus
Lincoln Nautilus Or Similar
AED 3220.14 / per week
AED 2618.00/ per week
Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition Or Similar
AED 3930.47 / per week
AED 3195.50/ per week
Mercedes C200
Mercedes C200 or similar
AED 3824.13 / per week
AED 3109.05/ per week
Audi A6
Audi A6 or similar
AED 4068.23 / per week
AED 3307.50/ per week
BMW 5 or similar
AED 4068.23 / per week
AED 3307.50/ per week
Nissan Armada
Nissan Armada or similar
AED 4494.39 / per week
AED 3653.98/ per week
Maserati Ghibli
Maserati Ghibli Or Similar
AED 7103.25 / per week
AED 5775.00/ per week
Maserati Levante
Maserati Levante Or Similar
AED 8050.35 / per week
AED 6545.00/ per week
Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Sport Or Similar
AED 8050.35 / per week
AED 6545.00/ per week
Audi A8
Audi A8 or similar
AED 7874.28 / per week
AED 6401.85/ per week
BMW 730 i
BMW 730 i or similar
AED 7883.32 / per week
AED 6409.20/ per week

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