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Wanna rent a car in Weekly basis in Al Ain?

When you get ready to hire a weekly car rental in al-Ain, then less becomes more.

Finalrentals lets you hire a weekly car rental in al-Ain and beyond. There are more than 112 locations that we service across the United Arab Emirates.

This means you can easily select any of the 112+ locations all across the UAE and pick the date, time, and location of your choice.

However, this step comes after selecting a car. A multitude of which are shown below. Once you stop reading this, you can easily surf through the motor vehicles and choose the one that'' fits your needs.

So, are you ready? Because we are.

Weekly best Offers

Kia Picanto or similar
AED 510.07 / per week
AED 414.69/ per week
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back or similar
AED 535.92 / per week
AED 435.71/ per week
Toyota Yaris Sedan or similar
AED 552.74 / per week
AED 449.38/ per week
Nissan Sunny Or Similar
AED 563.04 / per week
AED 457.76/ per week
Toyota Yaris or similar
AED 581.12 / per week
AED 472.46/ per week
Ford Figo or similar
AED 678.04 / per week
AED 551.25/ per week
Mazda 3 or similar
AED 1455.52 / per week
AED 1183.35/ per week
Toyota Corolla or similar
AED 760.67 / per week
AED 618.43/ per week
Hyundai Elantra or similar
AED 799.36 / per week
AED 649.89/ per week
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
AED 840.77 / per week
AED 683.55/ per week
Mazda 6 or similar
AED 1979.87 / per week
AED 1609.65/ per week
Nissan Altima or similar
AED 915.62 / per week
AED 744.41/ per week
Nissan Kicks or similar
AED 956.94 / per week
AED 778.00/ per week
Ford Escort Or Similar
AED 1039.66 / per week
AED 845.25/ per week
Mazda CX - 5 or similar
AED 1234.66 / per week
AED 1003.79/ per week
Nissan X Trail or similar
AED 1296.59 / per week
AED 1054.14/ per week
Dodge Durango or similar
AED 4131.51 / per week
AED 3358.95/ per week
Mazda CX-9 Or Similar
AED 1376.69 / per week
AED 1119.26/ per week
Dodge Charger or similar
AED 3001.45 / per week
AED 2440.20/ per week
Ford Fusion Or Similar
AED 1446.48 / per week
AED 1176.00/ per week
Ford Escape or similar
AED 1627.29 / per week
AED 1323.00/ per week
Lincoln Mkz Or Similar
AED 1808.10 / per week
AED 1470.00/ per week
Volkswagen Golf GTI SEL or Similar
AED 2648.87 / per week
AED 2153.55/ per week
Ford Edge or similar
AED 2260.13 / per week
AED 1837.50/ per week
Kia Carnival or similar
AED 2559.73 / per week
AED 2081.08/ per week
Nissan Patrol or similar
AED 2864.48 / per week
AED 2328.85/ per week
Lincoln Nautilus Or Similar
AED 3073.77 / per week
AED 2499.00/ per week
Ford Explorer or similar
AED 3164.18 / per week
AED 2572.50/ per week
Ford Expedition Or Similar
AED 3751.81 / per week
AED 3050.25/ per week
Mercedes C200 or similar
AED 3818.89 / per week
AED 3104.79/ per week
Audi A6 or similar
AED 4060.45 / per week
AED 3301.18/ per week
Maserati Ghibli Or Similar
AED 6780.38 / per week
AED 5512.50/ per week
Maserati Levante Or Similar
AED 7684.43 / per week
AED 6247.50/ per week
Range Rover Sport Or Similar
AED 7684.43 / per week
AED 6247.50/ per week
BMW 730 i or similar
AED 7879.43 / per week
AED 6406.04/ per week

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