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Wanna rent a car in weekly basis in Ras Al Khaimah?

Who said less can't be good, enough, or perfect? Didn't they know about the weekly car rentals?

Finalrentals lets you hire weekly car rentals in a budget-friendly fashion. It is because we like to see you where you love to remain - within your budget.

You can hire a weekly car rental from Finalrentals in Ras al Khaimah or 112 locations all across the UAE. What we let you do is pre-schedule your rental car across these 112+ locations.

You can select the time, date, and location but it all starts after choosing a rental car which is why you were here but this piece of writing attracted your eyes for some reason.

However, you can continue now.

Weekly best Offers

Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra or similar
AED 561.44 / per week
AED 456.46/ per week
Nissan Sunny
Nissan Sunny or similar
AED 551.47 / per week
AED 448.35/ per week
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris or similar
AED 608.80 / per week
AED 494.96/ per week
Mitsubishi Attrage
Mitsubishi Attrage or similar
AED 641.28 / per week
AED 521.37/ per week
Mazda 3
Mazda 3 or similar
AED 769.80 / per week
AED 625.86/ per week
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra or similar
AED 837.42 / per week
AED 680.83/ per week
Nissan Sentra
Nissan Sentra or similar
AED 839.50 / per week
AED 682.52/ per week
Nissan Altima
Nissan Altima or similar
AED 959.22 / per week
AED 779.86/ per week
Renault Duster
Renault Duster or similar
AED 923.49 / per week
AED 750.80/ per week
Nissan Kicks
Nissan Kicks or similar
AED 923.49 / per week
AED 750.80/ per week
Mitsubishi ASX
Mitsubishi ASX or similar
AED 974.09 / per week
AED 791.95/ per week
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or similar
AED 1047.21 / per week
AED 851.39/ per week
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta or similar
AED 1053.93 / per week
AED 856.86/ per week
Nissan X Trail
Nissan X Trail or similar
AED 1358.33 / per week
AED 1104.33/ per week
Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer or similar
AED 1442.24 / per week
AED 1172.56/ per week
Renault Koleos
Renault Koleos or similar
AED 1511.12 / per week
AED 1228.55/ per week
Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50 or similar
AED 1615.47 / per week
AED 1313.39/ per week
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder or similar
AED 1972.82 / per week
AED 1603.92/ per week
Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol or similar
AED 3151.10 / per week
AED 2561.87/ per week
BMW 5 or similar
AED 4467.57 / per week
AED 3632.17/ per week
BMW 730 i
BMW 730 i or similar
AED 8667.29 / per week
AED 7046.58/ per week

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