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Wanna Rent a Car in Sharjah on Weekly Basis?

Maybe that long trip will only last a week.

So even though the Weekly Car Rentals in Sharjah is cheaper, just don't opt for it. Especially when your trip is only going to last a week.

Hire the Weekly Car Rentals in Sharjah or across the United Arab Emirates.

If you want to step in, there are more than 112 locations that our services cover. Select any of those when pre-scheduling. Select a car, location, time, and the date of your choice and get moving.

Step in today and Rent your Weekly Car Rentals in Sharjah now. Avail of the multiple car options and experience the budget-friendliness.

However, it all begins with choosing a car. A multitude of which are shown down below. Now stop reading and start looking at the rental cars down below.

Weekly best Offers

Kia Picanto or similar
AED 1198.50 / per week
AED 974.39/ per week
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back or similar
AED 1309.52 / per week
AED 1064.65/ per week
Hyundai Accent or similar
AED 1545.56 / per week
AED 1256.56/ per week
Toyota Yaris Sedan or similar
AED 1498.10 / per week
AED 1217.97/ per week
Nissan Sunny or similar
AED 1593.39 / per week
AED 1295.44/ per week
Ford Figo or similar
AED 916.71 / per week
AED 745.29/ per week
Mazda 3 or similar
AED 1649.17 / per week
AED 1340.79/ per week
Chevrolet Cruze or similar
AED 1933.22 / per week
AED 1571.72/ per week
Toyota Corolla or similar
AED 1872.65 / per week
AED 1522.48/ per week
Nissan Sentra or similar
AED 1992.98 / per week
AED 1620.31/ per week
Ford Escort Or Similar
AED 1222.28 / per week
AED 993.72/ per week
Nissan Kicks or similar
AED 1725.38 / per week
AED 1402.75/ per week
Mazda 6 or similar
AED 2248.46 / per week
AED 1828.02/ per week
Ford Fusion Or Similar
AED 1586.61 / per week
AED 1289.93/ per week
Ford Escape or similar
AED 1708.65 / per week
AED 1389.15/ per week
Mazda CX - 5 or similar
AED 3297.16 / per week
AED 2680.62/ per week
Dodge Charger or similar
AED 3399.23 / per week
AED 2763.60/ per week
Ford Taurus Or Similar
AED 2291.77 / per week
AED 1863.23/ per week
Dodge Durango or similar
AED 4131.51 / per week
AED 3358.95/ per week
Volkswagen Golf GTI SEL or Similar
AED 2644.98 / per week
AED 2150.39/ per week
Kia Carnival or similar
AED 4309.70 / per week
AED 3503.82/ per week
Nissan Patrol or similar
AED 7304.72 / per week
AED 5938.80/ per week
Lincoln Mkz Or Similar
AED 3525.80 / per week
AED 2866.50/ per week
Audi A6 or similar
AED 7491.95 / per week
AED 6091.02/ per week
Ford Explorer or similar
AED 3819.97 / per week
AED 3105.67/ per week
Ford Mustang Or Similar
AED 4068.23 / per week
AED 3307.50/ per week
Lincoln Corsair Or Similar
AED 4068.23 / per week
AED 3307.50/ per week
Ford Expedition Or Similar
AED 4202.02 / per week
AED 3416.28/ per week
Lincoln Aviator Or Similar
AED 4339.44 / per week
AED 3528.00/ per week
Lincoln Nautilus Or Similar
AED 4339.44 / per week
AED 3528.00/ per week
Mercedes C200 or similar
AED 4495.66 / per week
AED 3655.01/ per week
Lincoln Navigator Or Similar
AED 5980.29 / per week
AED 4862.03/ per week
BMW 730 i or similar
AED 12333.77 / per week
AED 10027.46/ per week
Ford Ecosport Or Similar
AED 9359.63 / per week
AED 7609.46/ per week
Range Rover Sport Or Similar
AED 10577.39 / per week
AED 8599.50/ per week
Maserati Ghibli Or Similar
AED 10577.39 / per week
AED 8599.50/ per week
Ford Edge or similar
AED 22782.06 / per week
AED 18522.00/ per week

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