Wanna Rent a Car in Mirdif City Centre?

Rent a Car in Mirdif City Centre with Finalrentals from Thrifty Rent a Car @ Ground floor, entrance B, beside Mashreq bank and gap (parking ground floor row B09).

Rent A Car in Mirdif City Centre - About Mirdif City Centre:

One thing about Mirdiff Shopping Centre that is a must-have for its people is space. Space is what helps you breathe, walk, talk, and shop.

Mirdiff City Centre is no stranger to space, and the MCC goers are happy about this! What is possibly making them happy as well as the aroma that roams around through the air of MCC!

MCC gives you the leisure of enjoying the parking space and get yourself a little refreshed when you come to its food court! And there are not one but two food courts to let you enjoy your meal properly! If you don't feel like sitting in one, just simply go to the other!

So simply, think about you are randomly escorted to a place that is spacious and there's an aroma that's attracting you all towards it. Then, if you are still not able to recognize that this is MCC then seriously you've gotta read it all over again!


1.    Food Court.

2.    Entertainment.

3.    The Aroma.

4.    The Parking.

5.    Spacious shopping spaces.

6.    Ample parking lots.

7.    Located on the outskirts of the city.

How to Rent a Car in Mirdif City Centre?

There are two ways to rent a car in Mirdif City Centre with Finalrentals. One is a little quick and the other is handier. So, pick your antidote!

You can simply land at finalrentals.com and go to the monthly car rentals or weekly car rentals and choose your location thereafter. This is a quick way to rent a car in Mirdif City Centre.

Once you land on the page, go through the collection of cars that are brought at your disposal. Pick the one that you are looking for, and go about choosing the specifics. You can choose add-ons and the specifics of your choice.

Things are no different in Finalrentals Application. Which is the second and more handy way to hire a car for rent. Just go through the car collection until you choose one and proceed with the order.

You can do that across U.A.E. including Mirdif City Centre!

What Documents are Required to Rent a Car in Mirdif City Centre?

For UAE Nationals and Residents

  1. UAE Driving License & Emirates ID

  2. Copy of Residence Visa

  3. Passport Copy

  4. Valid Credit Card (for the security deposit


And if you are a tourist looking to rent a car in Mirdif City Centre, then you will need the following documents:

Tourists and Foreign Visitors

  1. Original Passport and Copy

  2. Tourist Visa Copy

  3. International Driving License

  4. License Issued from Home Country

  5. Valid Credit Card (for security deposit)

Hire Monthly Car Rentals and Weekly Car Rentals in Mirdif City Centre. Go through the available car options from different suppliers at different prices.

Lastly, if you want all those cars in the palm of your hand, then download the Finalrentals Android Application or Finalrentals App on the Apple store now.

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