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The Seven Days Albania to Montenegro

The Peaks of the Balkans deliver when it comes to bucket-list scenery. With natural forests and steep karst mountains, this journey is for you if an off-the-beaten path appeals to you.

Day 1: Arrival in Tirana Airport pickup service is available all day and will take you to your accommodation in Tirana. Before settling down to a traditional supper in a local restaurant, take a guided walking tour of the city.

Day 2: Shkoder to Lepushe village - The travel to the far north of Albania, to the district of Kelmendi, which has steep slopes covered with forests and pastures that rise into the view. Stop for a guided tour of Rozafa Fortress, which has stunning 360-degree vistas and exciting history.

Enjoy lunch and free time in Tamara Reach's cobblestone promenade along the Cem River before checking into the hotel in Lepushe Village.

Explore the waterfall, historic stone mill, and several trails.

Arrive at the guesthouse in the evening for a great, traditional dinner.

Day 3: The Accursed Mountains, Vajusha Peak and Grebaje Valley.

Following a full breakfast and a picnic lunch, we begin our walk up Vajusha Peak via the forest of Dobku Mountain. Lunch is served with breathtaking views of the Accursed Mountains. We arrive in Grebaje Valley in Prokletije National Park and take local transportation to our accommodation in Vusanje (Vuthaj).

Dinner and a mountain view will round out your day at the guesthouse.

Day 4: Vusanje to Theth via Peja Pass Drive through the Grebaje Valley till you reach the hike's starting point. The trail follows the craggiest Prokletije/Bjeshkёt e Namuna mountain section. The walk is almost surrounded by steep mountains with breathtaking views. This route takes us back to when the region was a banned zone during the Communist era. By the crossing, a military border post, a bunker, and the border crossing pyramid sign remain.

The transfer walk concludes in Theth, a picturesque village with traditional tower buildings surrounded by steep mountains.

Day 5: Theth's Natural Wonders - Spend the day touring Theth National Park and savouring the waterfall and canyon views. Swim in the natural pools and have a picnic lunch at the Blue Eye of Theth. In the afternoon, go to Theth and see the centuries-old tower and well-preserved church. Breakfast, picnic lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 6: Pass from Theth to Valbone - Set out on a guided walk through a well-kept track that is also excellent for families and 'Sunday hikers'.

The journey across the Accursed Mountains takes around 8 hours, with numerous stops to enjoy, eat (picnic), and photograph the spectacular scenery.

Day 7: Tirana via Koman Lake Boat Ride- Enjoy Valbona's beautiful setting on a vast plain surrounded by towering mountain ranges in the morning. Explore the village of Kukaj or spend the morning in Valbone Valley before heading to Fierze Dam and boarding a boat for a picturesque trip across rugged mountains and vibrant green hills.

Transfer to Tirana and check into your hotel.