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Best Time to Travel for Each Country
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April-June and September-October are great for visiting Albania. They avoid the searing coastal summer heat and brutal winter mountain cold, making them ideal for strolling, cycling, sightseeing, watersports, and lounging on the beach.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua's high season lasts from December to April and is the coolest and driest time of year, with an average daily maximum temperature of roughly 28.5°C. The rainy season lasts from mid-June to mid-November and can bring heavy rain and midnight thunderstorms.


April to June and September to October are ideal for visiting Azerbaijan since they escape the 40°C summers and subzero winters, especially in the mountains. Every March, you can also participate in the Novruz Bayrami celebrations, which honour the Persian New Year.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is best visited between December and April on its Pacific Coast when the weather is driest and brightest, and between March and September on its Caribbean coast. We also recommend visiting during Costa Rica's green season, which runs from May through June or November.

Dominican Republic

The optimum time to visit is between December and March when temperatures and sunshine peak and rainfall is at its lowest. August is the hottest month of the year, with an average daily high of 34 degrees Celsius and a low of 23 degrees Celsius.


Georgia is best visited in May, June, or September, especially in the lowlands near Tbilisi, to avoid the summer heat, humidity, and frigid winter. The Autumn harvest period is particularly noteworthy, especially in Kakheti's vineyards.


February-April is the perfect time to visit Greece and experience its distinct traditions.


The most fantastic time to visit Jamaica is between November and early December when hurricane season has finished and hotels and restaurants are open. Still, you'll be able to enjoy the island without the crowds that arrive in mid-December. Similarly, late April and May are less crowded.


Lithuania is best visited in late spring or summer when the weather is hottest. The only thing predictable about the climate here is that winters are reliably frigid. The weather might be unpredictable throughout the other seasons.


To make the most of your trip to Malta, go during the summer months of June, July, or August. This is by far the finest time to visit Malta! Temperatures in Malta peak in the summer, averaging between 70oF and 80oF (21oC to 26oC). Temperatures can reach 90oF (32oC).


Montenegro has a moderate climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Montenegro is best visited between June and August. July is the hottest month, with an average daily high of 31 degrees Celsius and a low of 22 degrees Celsius.


Morocco is best visited in the autumn (September-November) or early spring (March-April). The weather is pleasant, but you will avoid the extremes of blazing heat and freezing nights.


Outside of the cyclone season, which runs from January to March, Réunion is a fantastic place to visit. July through October are the driest, and the moderate temperatures are great for hiking.


The best season to visit Romania is between April and October when the weather is mild enough to enjoy the Transylvanian countryside and towns like Bucharest. Spring and autumn provide stunning views of the castle-studded countryside.

Saint Lucia

When the weather is most stable, December and March is the best time to visit. September is the hottest month, with an average daily high of 31 degrees Celsius and a low of 26 degrees Celsius. January is the coolest month of the year, with an average daily high of 29 degrees Celsius and a low of 24 degrees Celsius.

Saudi Arabia

November through February is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia. This is the time of year when the weather is pleasant, and the temperature remains stable. Summer is the worst time to visit Saudi Arabia. Individuals must consequently avoid the months between April and October.

Sint Maarten

From December to April, the dry season is the most comfortable. This is also the busiest season for tourists who come to enjoy the pleasant weather and warm temperatures of summer. During this time, there is nearly no rain and almost no sun.


The best time to visit Suriname is during the relatively dry months of February to March and August to November, while the worst time is during the wettest months of May to August when the interior, in particular, is prone to flooding and the already limited road network becomes even more so.

Trinidad and Tobago

January through May, when the sky is clear, is the finest time to visit Trinidad & Tobago. Although the islands are not in the storm area, afternoon rain showers are expected from June to December. Hotels reduce their rates to account for the rainy weather throughout this wet season.

United Arab Emirates

The best season to visit the United Arab Emirates is October to April, as the temperature is hot and humid during the summer. There is no rainy season, making winter weather relatively comfortable.

United States - Florida

The ideal dates to visit Florida are March-April or September-October, based on typical weather, crowds, and rates.