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Explore: Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity
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Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity

Graphic showing paper cut outs of faces representing diversity

On October 9 2023, Argentina will celebrate the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity. Many other countries in South America will also celebrate the day throughout October. However, people sometimes refer to it by a different name. Millions of people will acknowledge the day by holding events across the continent.

Learn all about the special day which has evolved across history, now representing how our differences are a positive thing.

What Is Cultural Diversity Day On October 9?

The Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity promotes the belief that we all contribute towards society, no matter our heritage.

Statue of Christopher Columbus on sunny day

Observed in Argentina each year on the second Monday of October, it is connected to Christopher Columbus Day. This is when the explorer first made contact with Native Americans and the history of the continent was forever changed.

The day first began as recognising the importance of Hispanic influence on the Americas. However, as time went on the day included more and more cultures, especially that of Native Americans.

Now, the day is a public holiday for many so that can reflect upon their country’s past, either through celebration or other ways of noting the important day.

Why Do We Celebrate Cultural Diversity Day?

Cultural diversity is celebrated around the world at various points in the year. This is important to recognise the huge variety of backgrounds and heritages that make up communities and the contributions we have all made to history and society.

Specifically, the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity in Argentina is to honour, unsurprisingly, diversity. This comes down to cultural traditions, cuisine and even how we establish our identities. It’s also about nurturing these so they don’t disappear and also recognising the forgotten impact of cultures across time.

Traditional south american virbrant cloth

Why we celebrate Cultural Diversity Day is also very individual. What culture and heritage mean to you as a person differs from what someone else believes. So, the day is also about self-reflection of heritage as well.

International Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity Activities

Lots of activities traditionally take place on the Day of Cultural Diversity, whether that be with the community or in the home.

As many people get the day off, families often spend the public holiday together, eating traditional food associated with their culture and reflecting on their family’s past and heritage. The day can be used to pass on important stories and cultural principles to younger members of the family to take forward with them through their lives.

Women dancing in south american parade

Largely, families come together to honour and commemorate who they are and the influences of their ancestry.

However, there are national events to participate in as well. One of the most popular International Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity activities in the Argentinian parades. These are held in cities across the country and are a huge celebration of culture! If you’re looking for a party, then the parades are certainly for you.

Events are typically held across two days, but you’ll find many International Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity activities last longer than that. Museums often hold important exhibits on the day and its history, whilst thousands of schools learn about it as well. Not only are these celebratory, but informative too.

Why The Day Is So Important

Learning about different cultures and their impact can only be a good thing. It gives us the chance to get to know one another better. Plus, it gives a more accurate idea of why history and society are shaped the way they are.

It also means that we become more accepting and more aware of those around us. If we recognise each other’s challenges and contributions, we appreciate one another more.

Upright paper cut outs of people silhouettes representing diversity

Individually, the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity gives those in South America time to reflect upon their heritage. It is also the opportunity to establish goals to embrace their culture more.

A great way to learn and embrace different cultures is by visiting them! Even if you’re travelling on a budget, by interacting with the locals you’ll discover much more about their culture and the location! Who knows what hidden gems you’ll unveil?

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