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Family Holidays in Serbia
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Family Holidays in Serbia

Family holiday memories endure a lifetime, so selecting the ideal destination is critical. So, why go to Serbia?

Serbia has something for everyone, whether you and your family want adventure, culture, or a calm countryside holidays. All that remains is for you to decide which section of Serbia to visit, pack your luggage, and hit the road, and your family will have the vacation of a lifetime.

Belgrade and Its Wider Area

Belgrade and its surroundings have many places and activities suitable for the entire family.

Whether you want a family retreat into nature, such as an active holiday on Avala mountain or the Ada Ciganlija river island, or you prefer to explore Belgrade's underground world and its ancient fortresses rich in history, or perhaps something completely different, such as carting, you will find it all in Serbia's capital.

Central Serbia

Central Serbia is a highly forested region, reflected in its name, Šumadija, which comes from the Serbian word for forest, šuma. It is a beautiful paradise, suitable for relaxing with your family and filled with cultural and historical treasures to enrich your vacation. Central Serbia has everything for everyone in the family, from prominent mountain resorts to caverns and canyons to aquaparks and adventure parks.

Western Serbia

Western Serbia is recognisable for its mountains, which provide your family with many options for leisure and enjoyment all year.

Southern Serbia

The South Morava River and its tributary, the Niava, sculpted southern Serbia. The landscapes through which these two rivers run represent the terrain's and nature's diversity, ranging from large and rich river valleys to narrow gorges and inaccessible canyons.

Eastern Serbia

From the formidable erdap Gorge (Iron Gate) to the picturesque towns around Zavojsko Lake, Eastern Serbia is full of locations of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance.


The plains of Vojvodina in northern Serbia exude quiet and serenity. If you're seeking a family vacation in the countryside, Vojvodina will surely exceed your expectations.