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Finalrentals at WTM
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Finalrentals Team at WTM

The Finalrentals team was ecstatic to receive a warm welcome at the WTM event, which indicated the company's growing reputation as a leading car rental provider. Partnerships from around the world, who share Finalrentals' vision, mission, and perspective of revolutionizing the car rental industry, were impressed by the team's confidence and expertise. At WTM London, the team was overwhelmed by the partners' passion and love towards Finalrentals. With each passing day, Finalrentals is becoming an empire, built brick by brick, with a strong foundation of trust and excellence.

We as a team were filled with immense pride and gratitude as they met their partners at the WTM Annual Dinner Party. They were confident in their ability to deliver, and having the support of such exceptional partners only reinforced their belief in their mission. Having such amazing people in their corner was indeed a blessing.

At WTM, we were thrilled to reflect on the tremendous progress the company had made in just one year. With a table full of potential and limitless possibilities, the team was inspired to continue striving for greatness, and this moment reinforced the team's confidence in its ability to achieve its goals and aspirations. It also highlighted the importance of surrounding oneself with people who lift each other's spirits and offer unwavering support.

Entrepreneurship is vital to the success of the car rental industry, and we need more visionaries with a bold mindset to make their mark in this field. Finalrentals was thrilled to have such an exceptional team representing the company at WTM. The presence of Evmorfia Karagiannoudi and Georgios Douvlantonis was a true privilege, and Finalrentals is deeply grateful for their contribution. They deserve all the success and happiness in the world, and with their unwavering determination, anything is possible.

Celebrating success, partnerships, friendships, and community is crucial, and Finalrentals' relationship with team Car Rental Express (CRX) is remarkable. We were proud to commemorate our mutual achievements and friendship with Johan Cilliers and Robyn Levy at WTM and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration and beyond.

Claire Davis is an outstanding individual who deserves every award, success, and happiness she receives. Her unwavering passion for excellence and service has had an indelible impact on the industry for several decades. We at Finalrentals are honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Claire Davis and are grateful for her friendship and partnership. We are confident that our continued collaboration with her will bring even greater success in the future.

Building an empire is a daunting task that demands a spectrum of skills, including strong leadership, financial expertise, practical strategies, effective resource allocation, and sound risk management. However, one can achieve great success with the right vision, mission, and passion. Fortunately, Carlos Costa possesses all these qualities, and working with him is an absolute pleasure for the Finalrentals team. Together, we have achieved remarkable heights and success, and we are confident that any challenge can be overcome with Carlos Costa's leadership. It was an incredible honor to meet Carlos Costa at WTM, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership.

Relationships built on mutual respect, kindness, and friendship are extraordinary. Finalrentals is proud to have such relationships with Eduardo Romero, Sandra Gomez, and America Car Rental. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with them at the WTM and expressing our appreciation for their grace and kindness.

We also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alice Chen and expressing our utmost gratitude for her presence at WTM. The team recognizes and greatly appreciates the remarkable work of Team and is confident that this partnership will continue to flourish for many years.

We at Finalrentals had an incredibly successful meeting with our esteemed partners, who drive our continuous growth. We take pride in our association with them and look forward to fruitful years.