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Do you enjoy travelling and driving but don't want to pay those outrageous fees or be caught off guard by unanticipated loopholes, hidden fees, and wish to escape the inconveniences that might come with renting a car abroad?Finalrentals is the business for you.

Finalrentals has accelerated its global expansion by progressively becoming a well-known global brand with services and franchisees in numerous countries/continents. Our company's network has now expanded to 25 countries and is still growing.

If all this has piqued your interest, why not come visit us at ITB Berlin in March.

What exactly is ITB Berlin, you ask?

ITB Berlin has been a yearly industry information gathering held in March for around 50+ years. It is presently the largest travel fair, having initially been inaugurated in Berlin in 1966, with nine exhibitors from five countries: Egypt, Brazil, the Federal Republic of Germany, Guinea, and Iraq.

As of 2019, it has thousands of exhibitors from about 200 countries and hundreds of thousands of visitors, with around 70% of them being trade visitors. ITB Berlin has cemented its position as the World's Leading Travel Trade Show.

ITB has increased in size, exhibitor numbers, and attendance, and it has also evolved into a full industry marketplace; displaying travel products and services from across the world as well as growth-intensive niche industries.

Political, commercial, and social developments have all been mirrored in the tourism sector at ITB. The ITB Berlin Convention, which began in 2004, is the largest industry event of its type. Neil Armstrong even addressed at the ITB Convention in 2007.

In 1992, ITB Berlin noticed that environmental and human rights concerns affected many tourists' decisions, even though the show was already concentrating on those subjects at the time. Then, in 2000, travel technology and mobile internet were given their own exhibit spaces at the expo.

ITB Berlin made an important contribution to equal rights for tourists by introducing the LGBTQ+ Travel Section in 2010, and with the arrival of Facebook (now Meta) and other social networks, accounts of personal vacation experiences became the most popular stories of the web, allowing ITB eTravel World examine and discuss the latest social media trends since 2011.

Big Data, Data Protection and Luxury Travel were important subjects during the 2014 ITB Berlin Convention. In 2016, ITB Berlin celebrated their 50th anniversary and as the COVID-19 epidemic spread in 2020, ITB Berlin hosted their convention digitally. But don't worry, ITB Berlin is returning this year as a live event!

So, why not drive down and park at Hall 9, Stand 120A, where you can meet the Finalrentals Team from March 7th to 9th. We are excited to finally meet you.